Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pacquiao Retains WBO Title

After twelve rounds of dancing and play fighting, Manny Pacquiao took the victory over "Sugar" Shane Mosley, by unanimous vote.

Both Pacquiao and Mosley walked away from the fight, CLEAN, without any broken bones, fractures or an ounce of blood shed.  This highly anticipated fight was truly over rated and a huge disappointment to say the least. 

The underperformed fighters left the crowd angry and wanting more.  Many booed during the fight, as Mosley danced around Pacquiao's left hook and threw the lowest percent of  punches in his entire career of boxing.  Mosley's chase made it hard for Pacquiao to land most of his "knock-out" punches, except for one left hook that landed and knocked Mosley off his feet.  That one punch was the highlight of the fight, and the edge that won the judges vote.

It was clear to me that Mosley had no intentions on winning the fight, but wanted to prove that he could go round for round without being "knocked-out."  As it appeared, both fighters had an understanding to simply put on a show and get paid.

After the fight  there were no ill feelings or disagreement with the victory.  Mosley and Pacquiao complemented each other on their performance and left the ring in good spirits.  Their sportsmanship was commendable, but the fight was still a disappointment.   Hopefully Mayweather was watching, and is ready to show the world who the real WBO champion is.

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