Monday, June 6, 2011

Single Is The New Married

With divorce being at an all time high, many young couples are beginning to lose sight of the value of marriage.  While some are still eager walk down the aisle, others are happy being single.

I hate to sound pessimistic, but relationships are not all that they're cracked up to be.  Put aside foolish daydreams of long walks in the park, passionate sex, love and loyalty,  that only happens in the movies.  When two people fall in love, many things are bound to happen, more bad than good.

In most relationships the romance fades after the first year.  The day to day hustle in life is time consuming, so that long walk in the park turns into a quick stroll to the dumpster.

When it comes to sex, both parties are rarely equally satisfied.  One partner climaxes more than the other, and once the woman has barred children, sex becomes a burden instead of intimate pleasure.

Let's not forget about the number one deal breaker of most relationships, infidelity. Cheating and lies should be expected in the average situation.   Some may think they have a loyal spouse, but little do they know what goes on in their absence.  And nowadays infidelity isn't mainly carried out by men, women are becoming just as thirsty or unfulfilled so to speak. Most married couples are unhappy.  Usually one of the two (if not both) wants a divorce, but instead of separating, they stay together out of convenience.  smh... What a shame.

The main problem I've witnessed in many relationships, is that when two people commit, they loose sight of themselves.  The relationship becomes a prison, a trap of sorts,  restricting individuals from being themselves and doing the things they want to do.  "She doesn't like it when I hang with the fellas." "He won't let me vacation with my girls."  "I don't feel like having sex, but if I don't, he might stray." You get the point.  Unnecessary loads of stress and pressure.  Pressure to please someone other than yourself.  And once you stop thinking about you, that's when things really get out of control.

Companionship is no longer a romantic union of two souls, instead its a settling of two people with ulterior motives.  Most people that are pressed to be in a relationship are insecure, unambitious individuals looking for an excuse to exist.  Some are in need of attention, or validation.  While others are looking for someone to take care of them, or someone to control.

So again I ask, why are people so pressed to find love?

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